"Hood  Robin"
Restore Integrity and stymie those who lack it!
"Hood Robin" is a program that rallies the honest, hard working individuals who keep commitments and earn their station in life against those who profit by ignoring our laws, practice  deception and fail to seek resolutions to conflicts.
"Hood robs" contribute to the decay of our  economy and our American ideals of "Truth, Justice and the Pursuit of Happiness".
Freedom of choice springs from free will, but doesn't equate to having the government being accountable for selfish choices that ultimately cause economic systems to crash and burn.
Resolving conflicts without prejudice or favoring any economic level of society should be the focus!
The political and legal systems are replete with Individuals who perpetuate conflict and create an environment where truth has become so obfuscated they fail to recognize it and profit by ignoring it.
Our legal principles of Equality and Justice for all are ignored. Watch our movement grow and help expose them, the truth shall set you free!
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San Diego
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